New Design: BudCase – The Ear Bud Keychain Case for iPhone Music Lovers
Updated design of the keychain ear bud case conveniently stores and protects.

ATLANTA, GA— FEBRUARY 28, 2008— Extended Access, Inc. releases the updated design of its popular iPhone accessory, BudCase, an innovative ear bud keychain case for the iPhone, iPod, and MP3 music lovers. The BudCase is designed to provide quick and easy access to ear buds anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Design improvements include a more compact and lighter design while a slightly increased width facilitates a greater variety of ear bud sizes.

Born out of the frustrating fact that when leaving home, many people simply forget to bring their ear buds. The BudCase is designed to be clipped onto a keychain where ready access to a music lover’s ear buds is made immediately available. Built from a flexible neoprene material, the BudCase securely holds ear buds while clipped on a keychain. A Velcro fastener makes opening and closing the BudCase quick and easy.

BudCase is compatible with most ear buds including those shipped with the iPhone and iPod. It is available in three colors, black, red, and blue. BudCase retails for $14.95 and is available for order now on the website.

About Extended Access:
Extended Access, Inc. designs and markets innovative accessories for the iPhone and iPod. The BudCase is the first of many products to come. Extended Access is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and was founded in December of 2006.

Chris Dawson
Extended Access, Inc.